Deserted French house

Country house, Koh Dach island, outskirts Phnom Penh. It's evident that the island could have been a fashionable location for a country home for some fashionable French family of Phnom Penh. However, the house is beyond repair today and its surroundings in utter desertion, its grounds rich in grass and only to be grazed by [...]

Lycee Sisowath

Founded under French colonial rule, had been one of the elite schools in Indochina. The campus buildings have been freshly painted and repaired in recent years and the architecture is orderly and stylish. The lycee is still functioning as a school today. Its architecture is well preserved and its campus open for visit. Classroom Sisowath [...]

The Chinese House

Built in the beginning of the 20th century by a Mr. Tan (presumably Chen 陳 in Mandarin) as his Phnom Penh home. Mr. Tan was a Hokkien Chinese among the early emigrants to Cambodia and evidently a successful businessman having amassed a great amount of capital through trading like many of his Chinese compatriots did. [...]