Kitchen & Bar Area

kitchen layout

Kitchen layout, partial;



bar design



bar counter


Updated Jan. 17, 2017, bar half-realised:

hotel design Cambodia


Deserted French house

french colonial house

Country house, Koh Dach island, outskirts Phnom Penh.

It’s evident that the island could have been a fashionable location for a country home for some fashionable French family of Phnom Penh. However, the house is beyond repair today and its surroundings in utter desertion, its grounds rich in grass and only to be grazed by cows.

Days are numbered and it remains a matter of time before the fall of the house.

Kampot Townhouse 2



french colonial building

Townhouse at street corner in Kampot city, Cambodia

Facade in imperial yellow, the definitive colour for colonial architecture in this period in cambodia

colonial architecture in cambodia

Well maintained and in fine shape, now a boutique hotel & restaurant operate in it


[hotel] Cafe & Bar Area

hotel public space

The Harbour Boutique Hotel, Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

roof bar layout


Updated Jan. 04, 2017, development in reality:

hotel cafe designimg_4124hotel cafe design cambodiaimg_3709hotel design cafe yard

Lycee Sisowath

Sisowath high school

Founded under French colonial rule, had been one of the elite schools in Indochina.

The campus buildings have been freshly painted and repaired in recent years and the architecture is orderly and stylish.

sisowath high school

The lycee is still functioning as a school today. Its architecture is well preserved and its campus open for visit.

classroom in cambodia


Sisowath Highschool on Norodom Blvd., Phnom Penh.

[modern] The perfect home

modern home design

“L’espace, l’air et la lumière”

Three goals to be ultimately pursued in architecture: space, air and light


modern home design


bricks, concrete, glass, wood.

modern style home design

modern style home design

modern home design



The Chinese House

chinese house phnom penh

Built in the beginning of the 20th century by a Mr. Tan (presumably Chen 陳 in Mandarin) as his Phnom Penh home.

Mr. Tan was a Hokkien Chinese among the early emigrants to Cambodia and evidently a successful businessman having amassed a great amount of capital through trading like many of his Chinese compatriots did.

Mr. Tan’s taste in architecture set him on top of the Phnom Penh dignitary society in that he was the first man in Phnom Penh to have brought about the meet of the East and the West. And the result was a true beauty beyond the reach of any contemporary works.

The site was within the then European Quarter, and the facade mostly European.

the chinese house phnom penh

But elements of a Chinese country house were seen in various aspects in the interior.

the chinese house phnom penh

Over Cambodia’s turbulent modern history, the Tan family had for some time lost ownership of the house, and it wasn’t until recent years did a great-grand daughter of the first Mr. Tan acquire it back.

The house now is in fine shape and hosting a boutique restaurant whose cuisine is not Chinese at all.