[continued] How to Build A Chinese Country House in The Old Fashioned Way

Continued from last year’s post, the family country house is now completed.

The premises finally include a main house made of one living room, one kitchen/dining room, a study, a media room, three bedrooms, a large balcony of breath-taking view during all seasons, two bathrooms, and a stone-build library, a wine cellar and a vineyard of around 100 plants of aged grape trees.

Here below are photos taken recently.


building materials are wood, bricks, and the ancient recipe mortar largely made of lime
the main house’s attache, a stone-build library


traditional Chinese interior
the dining table and its chairs are nearly 100 years old, so are some other furniture
the dressing table is of late Qing style, made of a kind of wood popular during its time, similar to the European mahogany

Vineyard and the grounds

vineyard attached to the house
wine cellar entrance
the stone library wall is 500mm thick and made of about 9 cubic metres of stone
stone library interior
resident dogs

3 thoughts on “[continued] How to Build A Chinese Country House in The Old Fashioned Way

  1. Now I have a good reason to visit that area!!!

    Awesome job!!

    All this love for the Art! And the respect shown to ancients, it s truly marvellous!!!

    And I like the not so traditional book in front of the cheminée.

    Liked by 1 person

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