[hotel]Tatami Japanese Style Bedroom

japanese tatami style bedroom

260cm * 260cm

Space optimization of extremely small guestroom.


This design idea came as a desperate rescue solution to the narrow nature of the bedroom. We were given a bedroom of 260cm * 400cm (excluding bathroom) in size and a 160cm*200cm double bed must be fitted in. Considering that if a conventional queen-size bed is to be placed in the centre of the 260cm width, there will be a 50cm space away from wall to each side, making the room look sorry and ungenerous. Eventually we had this idea of having an entire platform of wooden structure rising up 30cm above floor, with wooden skirting along the walls. The effect appears spacious and comfortable.

Development in reality, updated Jan., 04, 2017:

minimalism tatami designimg_3632img_3637

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